Attendance Policy

Attendance & Tardy Policies

Attendance is important for student success at Lake Region High School.  Teachers should discuss their procedures for making up work or the timeline that a student must follow when he or she is absent from a class.


According to School Board Policy, each student must attend 135 hours to earn a credit in a full term course.  Therefore, students may be denied credit in the following manner:
TERM CLASSES (1 credit):
A student is absent more than 7 days without proper documentation.
A student has 4 or more days of missed work that is not made up.
QUARTER CLASS (1/2 Credit):
A student is absent 4 or more days without proper documentation.
A student has 3 or more days of missed work that is not made up.
PLEASE NOTE: All days are considered unexcused after a student has exceeded the maximum number unless proper documentation is provided.
This documentation must be given to the Attendance Office.
PROPER DOCUMENTATION INCLUDES: Hospital/Doctor Notes; Court Appearance Documents; Funeral Notices for family; Traffic Accident Documents.  (We accept parent notes for illness up to the 4th (quarter classes) or 7th (term classes) absence; after that, only legal documentation or doctor/hospital notes are accepted.)
PRE-ARRANGED ABSENCES: A student should obtain a pre-arranged absence form from the Attendance Office at least 3 days prior to the absence. The student should present this to each of his or her teachers for a signature.  (According to PCSB policy, only 3 days of pre-arranged absence are excused.)
FIELD TRIP ABSENCES: The absence for a student on a school-approved field trip is recorded with the code SB on the computer.
TARDY POLICY: Teachers should communicate their tardy policy clearly to the students. However, continuous tardiness may be referred to the Administration.


Sarah Wells – Dean
Lake Region High School