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Wed, December 6th at 7 p.m


Drama Club Meetings Usage 2017-18

Drama Club Meetings 2017-18

Christmas Show Rehearsal Usage 2017-18

Christmas Show Rehearsal 2017-18

Spring Show Tech Rehearsal Usage 2017-18



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You don’t have to be a performer, this club covers interests in all fields of the theater. Perhaps you prefer the behind the scenes world of lights and sound, or maybe you’re a born costumer, or there’s even a place for construction in the world of set building! bring all the skills you were born with and become Lake Region’s newest star!


New department and assistant heads will be interviewed and “hired” in late April/early May.
It was an honor to be part of this club and to be the behind the scenes forcee. Thank you Miss B for all that you did for me, and to Mrs. Kegley for keeping my spirits and and driving my motivation. And thank you to my Drama family, I already miss you all!

~former editor and Lake Region alumni, Z. Johnson


Department heads

Lighting – Timothy Breckinridge (DH)

Sound – Sadira Dickson (DH)  Sydney Inman (AH)

Costume – 

Props – Monica Rodriguez (DH)

Backstage – Monica Rodriguez (AH)

Sets – 

Marketing/Front House – 

Fundraising/Events – Madisen McGraw (DH) 



Meeting Dates:

Every Wednesday! Meeting location alternates between room 31-221 and the school’s auditorium. Please email miss Breckinridge for meeting location.


Community Service:

For availability, contact Miss Breckinridge.

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