Dub Club


Dub Club is for students to create original electronic music. We’ll be using software on computers along with other hardware designed for that task. You (the student) don’t need to have a music background to create your own music, though a traditional music education is certainly an advantage and strongly encouraged. Every meeting will be a mixture of opportunities to get hands-on experience experimenting with sound, trying new techniques and approaches to get the effect you want, sharing, performing, and doing what inspires you. You’ll learn how to craft your own sounds, develop a signature style, maximize audio quality and delve into the unique and amazing potential electronic music has to offer. Dub Club is not intended to adhere to any particular style (EDM, Pop, Hip-hop, etc.), but to allow students to pursue their own tastes freely. You can share your results with peers and we will perform live for the school and the public during the school year.



Meetings will be held on Wednesdays from 2:15 to 4:15pm in an interior room (3-108) of the Main Media Center (Building 3).

How to Join

To join, first attend a full meeting – arrive on time and stay the duration of the meeting. Members are expected to maintain their GPA at a 2.5 or higher and keep a clean disciplinary record. If you have any questions, please contact one of the club sponsors.

Club Sponsors

Tiger Davis is an English teacher and electronic music hobbyist. His classroom is 31-112.
Email: tiger.davis@polk-fl.net

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Luke Hart is Lake Region’s Band and Keyboarding instructor.
Email: luke.hart@polk-fl.net


Online Links (Mac/PC):


Free samples (any platform):











Free plugins:





Free online drum machines, patches, online instruments, DAWs and much more:





Tutorials for sound fundamentals:












IOS apps:


Poison-202 Synthesizer                       Animoog for iPhone                            Oval Synth


Chordbot                                 Novation Launchpad                           Novation Groovebox


Novation Blocs Wave             Focusrite Control                                 Korg Gadget LE


Garageband                             Music Memos                                      Voice Memos


AudioShare                             Electrified (Yello)                                PianoCompanion


Chords and Scales



Android apps:


Poison-202 Synthesizer                       Chordbot                     KeyFur                        MidiSheetMusic


Saucillator                               Voice Recorder                        Caustic 3                     ModSynth