Parking Policy

Student Parking

All student vehicles must have a current Parking Permit.  Parking permits may be purchased in the main office.  Students must bring a valid driver’s license, vehicle information, and tag number with them.  Students may only park in the parking space assigned to them on their Parking Permit.
Download Parking on Campus form here — print and sign.
Permits are $20.00 and must be displayed on the rear-view mirror window at all times on campus.
1. Parking is a privilege at Lake Region High School.  Many students are under the impression it is their right to park on campus once they receive their driver’s license. In actuality, parking on campus is a privilege.  If you break any of the rules and regulations listed, you can have your permit taken away for the remainder of the year without a refund.
2. Parking permits are reserved spots.  The permit is to be placed on your rear view mirror where it is clearly visible.  When you purchase the permit you will sign a form indicating that you agree to the rules.
Liability -You are given the opportunity to park your car in the designated spot at your own risk.  Lake Region High School and the School Board of Polk County are not responsible for anything that happens to your car.

 Parking Lot Rules and Regulations

1. Decal must always be visible when parking in the reserved spots in the student parking lot.
2. The decal is for you.  You are not allowed to transfer decals to another person.
3. There are no refunds.
4. You must park in your reserved spot.
5. The campus speed limit is 10 mph.
6. No loud music is to be played in vehicles while on campus.  This includes all the way to the entrance of the school.
7. You are not allowed to go to your cars between classes or lunch.  The only reason you go to your car is to leave campus.
8. Do not attempt to pass cars exiting school at dismissal.
9. Do not attempt to take shortcuts out of the parking lot.
Parking Permits may be revoked for a number of reasons.  These include but are not limited to:
1. Leaving campus without permission
2. Being in your car between classes or lunch
3. Taking other students off campus without authorization
4. Repeated tardies
5. Reckless driving on campus
6. Violating  any of the rules and regulations listed above
Note: The Lake Region High School administrative staff reserves to right to add policies and rules for the parking lot if needed to ensure the safe and orderly operation of the school.
You are responsible for your decal.