Senior Page

Attention Seniors!


You need to start turning in your community service hours to Mrs. Pilkey.  Please come and see her between classes or after school, room 1-136 across from guidance. Don’t leave everything for May!


Welcome to your senior year!  I look forward to working with you this year.  In addition to being the college/career and scholarship coordinator, I am also the community service coordinator.  Thus, I will be sending you information throughout the year that pertains to the above mentioned areas.  If you are receiving this information today and are no longer at LRHS and do not want to receive future emails from me, please email me, and I will remove your name.  Always feel free to email me or to call and set up an appointment, if you need me.


I will communicate both by Remind ( and email since I do not have every senior’s email address.  Please watch TVTV during 5th and check our school’s website ( weekly as I will send announcements to them to be posted.  On the website there is a college and career tab, a scholarship tab, and a community service link.  That is where my information will be posted.


Please read below things that you should be aware of now:


  1. ACT/SAT dates – Whether you need to take it for college admission, Bright Futures and other scholarships, or to pass the reading, please find attached the ACT/SAT test dates.
    2017-18 SAT-ACT Dates
  2. Presently, until the guidance counselors finish schedule changes and class balancing, I can give you the ACT fee waiver.  You can have a total of two ACT fee waivers and two SAT fee waivers in your high school career. After that, you must pay for them if you take them more than twice.  The SAT fee waivers are based on true financial need.  I have the paper work your parent needs to complete in order to see if you qualify for an SAT fee waiver.
  3. If you plan to apply to a four year college, now is the time to start applying.  Please check for the different deadline dates to apply.  To be organized, make a college folder and keep a list of important deadline dates, etc.  I can also give you up to 5 college fee waivers to cover the application fees.
  4. On September 7, LRHS will hold its 2nd Annual College “Day” Fair for juniors, seniors, and their parents.  Forty or more colleges will be represented.  Much more information and advertising will begin next week.
  5. Community service packets are in guidance and in my office.  Seniors who plan to apply for the Bright Futures Scholarship must write and complete a community service plan by May 1, 2018.  I have the plan form and can explain it when I see you or will do so when I go into your classes in September. You must have a community service application and an agency form on file with me before your hours can be posted.  If you have not completed these forms, please do so immediately, turn them into me,  and then start turning in your hours to me on a monthly basis.
  6. Financial Aid (Scholarships, FAFSA, etc.) – my plan is to go into your classes in September to explain and give out information regarding the FAFSA and scholarships so that when the 2018-19 FAFSA opens up October 1you and your parents will be ready to apply.  We will also set up small group sessions in a computer lab after school for parents/students who need help with the FAFSA or the use of a computer to file the FAFSA.  More information concerning these group sessions will be announced late September or early October.
  7. Bright Futures – In October the counselors will help you apply for the Bright Futures Scholarship and other Florida financial aid.  More information concerning this will be coming in the latter part of September.


I am excited for you as you begin this most important year.  Please make the most of it.  When you look back one day, I want you to have good memories.  For it to be a successful year with the least amount of stress, focus, organize, stay on task, and follow through.  Remember, life is a journey.  Take one day at a time.


Our second annual College “Day” Fair will be held September 7, 2017 in the food court for juniors, seniors, and their parents.  This fair will take place like last year during the morning hours with the juniors being released first to go to the food court and then when they return to their classes, the seniors will be released to attend the fair.  As already mentioned, we have approximately 40 colleges who have accepted our invitation to the college fair!


A list of colleges and a list of questions students can ask the college representatives will be placed in your teacher’s boxes and on the website so that all students will know which colleges will be attending in order for them to prepare a list of questions that they would like to ask the college representatives.  Students please take a look at the list, see which ones you are interested in finding out more information, research them online, and have your questions ready so you can make the best use of the 40 minutes while at the fair.


Please open and read/print the following attachments:  letter explaining the procedure for September 7, the college fair poster again, the college fair participants, the college fair agenda again, and the college fair checklist.  I will be putting copies of the college fair participants with questions on the back and the food court schematic to give to your juniors and seniors in your first period classes on the day of the fair.