Calvin O’Byrne

Social Studies Teacher






“Welcome. Welcome. Welcome. It is a wonderful world, if you will just make it so.” – William J. Brennen


Certified in Social Studies and Physical Education, Mr. O’Byrne (pronounced O Burn) teaches in
the Social Studies department. Part of the #1 faculty since 2005, Mr. O’Byrne has taught several
subjects. For 2017-2018, he is teaching World History, Honors 10th (9th) World History, Advanced
Placement U.S. Government, and Advanced Placement Macroeconomics.
Like all teachers, Mr. O’Byrne has a strong interest in the subjects he teachers. He is gratified
when students report they enjoy learning these subjects because History, Economics, Psychology all
have to do with them, personally.
Mr. O’Byrne is also the sponsor of the LRHS Chess Club and a regular at the Faculty v. Student
fundraiser sports events.

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