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I teach AP World History, World History and AP Psychology. What led/influenced me to teaching these classes was that I always had a love for the social sciences – I received my degree in Counseling / Bible Major.  After beginning my teaching career as a Math teacher, I began History and Geography during my second year.  I hope to add a Philosophy / Ethics class to our curriculum here soon, and return to teaching Economics. I began here in the Spring Semester of 2008 – The camaraderie with many of the staff members here, the fact that both of my kids go here now, the great future leaders that I have taught, and the fact I get to experience my love for baseball through coaching are some of the many reasons why I enjoy and take pride in LRHS. My two favorite historical examples of teachers are Confucius and Socrates.  Students in my class will undoubtedly see the parallels to those teachers in my class environment.  Even more important that the subject area knowledge – I think the most important thing that students learn in my class is time management – how to study – learning through questioning as Socrates has shown us an example.

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