Cynthia Reynolds

Early Childhood Education






I am the instructor for the TLC (Teaching and Learning about Children) Early Childhood Education Academy. I teach 6 different courses through the year: Child Development/Parenting Skills and Early Childhood Education 1-4. My goal is to prepare students with knowledge and skills to go into the world of work in areas related to working with children, whether going directly into the workforce during or after high school or pursuing an AA /AS degree or Bachelor’s degree. I started teaching this program 25 years ago, when I started the preschool program at Haines City High. I moved to Lake Region when the school opened in 1995. There is no greater responsibility than that of being a loving and caring parent for the next generation. The rewards come as we watch children grow up to become productive and responsible citizens. This program is so relevant in this day of broken and homeless family situations. I get so excited to see present and former students I have taught and mentored for 4 years pursue a successful career in this field and love what they do. They know I am one of their most supportive fans!

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