Gloria Vega

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I teach Transition, which is life and job skills for students with disabilities. What led/influenced me to teaching Transition was my college experience. I realized that Cost Accounting was a class I would never understand. At the time, I was a substitute teacher here at Lake Region, then I became a paraeducator here. I enjoyed special education. I have a son with Autism and I was dealing with so many new things, but I found that Special Education is where my passion is. When I had an elective choice, I took a special education class. I loved learning about Autism and behavior: it intrigues me. I have been teaching at Lake Region for 5 years, but I was a paraeducator for many years before that. The ESE department is the best thing about Lake Region. I have supportive and caring co-workers and the best LEA. I have the best students! The focus in my class is teaching my students job and life skills. My class goes off campus to Publix and Chain of Lakes Elementary. Students at Publix work in the bakery. They help package bakery items, wash dishes, clean, etc. Students at Chain of Lakes Elementary help in the cafeteria by cleaning, washing dishes, helping prep food and stocking items. My students learn many important skills that they will need at home, in the community, and to get a job. I think it is important for my students to be out in the community interacting with others. We are constantly working on social skills.

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