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I teach Social Studies but specifically American Government and American Government Honors. What led/influenced me to teaching American Government and American Government Honors was the fact that I was a History/Anthropology major at Flagler College in St. Augustine, Florida. Working on archaeological digs around the city made me LOVE the subject even more, especially being able to teach visiting school groups about the sites we were working on through field trips and field demonstrations (made me feel like Indiana Jones a bit, just without the world travel or glamorous college teaching position)!

    I completed the first year of law school with my Master's Degree in Legal Studies and that gave me a better sense of our nation's legislative, executive, and judicial branches that make up the thread of our federal government of the United States. I also have an interest in crime, legal, and political media and literature that helped to develop my love of teaching American Government. The 2017-2018 school year is my second year teaching at Lake Region High School!

    The BEST thing about being able to teach at Lake Region High School ARE THE STUDENTS. They always put a smile on my face and brighten each day in my classroom. Being able to combine teaching American Government with teaching the students about that subject is the greatest opportunity I could ask for in this career! The learning environment in my classroom is very much that of a community! As the leader, I give instruction, provide guidance, and give assistance where needed to the students, who act as citizens in that community and work together to complete the learning project they are assigned to build!

    In my classroom we collaborate as a team by sharing different points of view and various opinions, all the while respecting one another and the environment of the classroom!  The most important thing students will learn after taking my class is a basic foundation and understanding of the American Government system. The most important thing they will learn is that their ideas, views, opinions, and participation in this system as a citizen is a very important factor to making America's form of government work! Each individual has worth, value, and a POSITIVE impact in their community! Let's get out there and show it THUNDER!


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