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I have worked at LRHS since 2011. I am a Paraprofessional within the ESE dept. working in all areas of that department.  I am also the ESE Technology Liaison for our students using Assistive Technology. This is my 6th year as the Drama Club sponsor.  We work on both sides of the theatre world, and the lighting/sound crews work on most events that occur in our theatre.  Community service is offered within this club.  Check out our Drama Club webpage. I am the Assistant Coach for our Silver Streaks Color Guard – Check out the Sound of Thunder webpage & Facebook page. Lastly, I coordinate the Career Connections Program for all 9th-12th students at LRHS.  The program offers students the chance to meet with community members in an area of college study/career they are interested in – for more info check out our webpage. 
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Mail : leza.breckinridge@polk-fl.net

Location : ESE Dept

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