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Greetings! I teach German and English at Lake Region. I graduated from Western Kentucky University with a BA in German and English, and the University of Massachusetts with a MA in German literature. I am a huge fan of traveling the world and learning for the sake of it, so I also attended high school and several universities in Germany, and I spent five years at the University of Canterbury (New Zealand), working on my PhD in German and film studies.
Before I decided to teach high school, I taught at an elementary school in Germany as a Fulbright Scholar, and also at several different universities in the USA and overseas. In addition, I am a translator. So if you're wondering where your education can take you, or maybe why you should study a foreign language? I have the answer: It can take you literally anywhere on planet Earth that you want to go! FOR FREE! If you have any doubts or questions about that, I want you to get in touch ASAP!
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Mail : timothy.dail@polk-fl.net

Location : 03-218

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